Are you considering downsizing?

Posted on 21 December 2018

Are you considering downsizing?

So apart from having to discard all your most treasured belongings that have been in your family for generations or simply items that you need but won’t fit into your new lifestyle, let’s look at some simple solutions that just require a little planning and shopping around.

  • Key areas to look at would probably be your kitchen, garage and your wardrobe as we tend to overstock what we need.
  • If you have duplicates, then choose which one you are keeping. If it’s broken or shabby, get rid of it – if you needed it you would have replaced it by now. If you are keeping something just in case you ever use it again, think about how often you used it and if someone else could make better use of it. Go through your larger items first such as furniture and then box up the smaller items and go through them at a later stage, gradually, so that you don’t get rid of things you’ll regret later once you have moved.
  • Make sure you don’t just take everything to the rubbish tip – you can give so much away to charities of your choice and help others. You can hold a garage sale and make some money for your new lifestyle or to go towards your new home. Don’t forget, you may have friends and family you can help out.
  • Once you have moved, look at storage solutions. There are so many different and smart ways to store your things. For example, in your garage, hang things on the walls including bikes, sport rackets and tools. In your kitchen you can organise your drawers and pantry items using drawer separators and racks and containers for foods that can sometimes spill out. You can even buy fridge drawers that keep your fridge tidy and stop items getting lost at the back. And finally, your wardrobe! There are shoe racks, underwear drawer tidies, tie racks, scarf racks, baskets, boxes and jewellery stands.


So first things, first. Look at what’s important to you. Take each room and each drawer in bite-sized chunks and go from there.

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