Ocean Club Resort


Frequently asked questions

The weekly fees cover resort maintenance and rates ranging from $131.20 per week to $201.00 per week depending on government rent assistance.

Yes. If you are eligible for a pension or payments through Centrelink or Veterans Affairs you are likely to receive rental assistance on your site fees. See www.centrelink.gov.au

For your convenience fees are paid by direct debit from your nominated bank account.

You are responsible for normal maintenance and services to your home such as electricity, water, telecommunications, home and contents insurance.  Caravan/Boat Storage fee may apply... 

The site fees are adjusted annually based on CPI and increases in government charges above CPI or by review, as contained in the Residential Site Agreement.

No.  Council rates are included in your weekly fee which also covers other outgoings such as maintenance, security, resort rates, common property and the resort facilities.

None. Stamp Duty does not apply to homes at Ocean Club Resort.

No. There are no exit or deferred management fees. All sale proceeds and capital gains are yours to keep.

Ocean Club Resort is a gated community with secure access for residents and guests.

The resort is professionally managed so your home will be safe even when you take that overseas or around Australia trip. 

Yes. As long as one of the residents is over 50.   

Yes.  When you buy a home at Ocean Club Resort you own it and lease the land it occupies.  

There are two documents that you enter into when you buy a home. The first is a contract for the purchase of your home. The second is a Residential Site Agreement that provides you with the continuing right to live at the resort. 

This is an agreement you have with the owner of the Ocean Club Resort that provides you exclusive entitlement to occupy the land on which your house sits. A weekly fee is payable which covers council rates, and maintenance of all resort facilities. 

Your tenure is secure under the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013 and is supported by NSW State Government legislation. 

Normally it takes about 18 weeks to complete the new home of your choice. There will be occasions when a new home may be available for immediate purchase and occupation.

If, for example you are waiting on the sale of your current home, we would be happy to discuss how we can assist you in reserving the home of your choice.

The homes are architecturally designed and built to the highest quality.

There is both a general defects period and structural warranty protection as provided by NSW legislation.

Yes. You can sell your home whenever you wish. We can assist you in selling your home or you can appoint an external selling agent.

Yes. Your home is part of your estate's assets and as such it can be included in your will. Your beneficiaries may sell the home at anytime and all sale proceeds and capital gains belong to them. There are no hidden costs nor exit fees.

Yes.  For short periods only. For security purposes we ask that you advise management. Also, for safety reasons and for the comfort of other residents, children should be adequately supervised.

There is a pet approval process in place if you already own a small pet and is based on the best interest and harmony of the general community.

Minor changes such as exterior blinds, screen doors, etc. are permissible.

The recently expanded Lake Cathie Medical Centre is just down the road from the resort and offers excellent facilities and services. Port Macquarie Base Hospital is nearby and offers the full range of medical and surgical services. You may choose to connect to Vitalcall if you want to.

Lake Cathie has a Woolworths supermarket, large liquor barn, pharmacy and many specialty shops. A short drive away is the thriving heart of Port Macquarie with department stores, supermarkets and the full range of restaurants, cafes, fashion and specialty stores. Plans are also underway to build a shopping centre opposite Ocean Club Resort. 

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