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The financial and lifestyle advantages of land lease living

In your research, you’ve discovered that there are a range of retirement living options from traditional Retirement Villages, Manufactured Home Estates (formerly Caravan Parks), and lately a new type of community called Residential Land Lease Communities . NSW alone offers a grand selection of choices, but there is none quite like the land lease community lifestyle offered at Ocean Club Resort.

Gathering all the information can be time consuming and confusing, so here we have a few different articles that will inform you about land lease lifestyle resort communities and why it could be the answer for you.

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See for yourself at what one of the best land lease communities in NSW looks like with this short video.

Your guide to Land Lease lifestyle resort communities

Do you know the differences between Land Lease communities and retirement villages? Land Lease Living Industry Association Australia provides a comprehensive guide to the difference between the Land Lease Communities in NSW and retirement villages so you are fully informed about the financial choices that you make.

If you are thinking of downsizing, this easy-to-read guide provides essential information that will help you make an informed decision. Contrasting and comparing the two options, the differences are revealed, the advantages of a Land Lease community discussed and some frequently asked questions detailed. It also summarises the differences in costs.

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The growth of Land Lease living

Land lease living is growing in popularity across Australia as more and more people 50+ embrace the opportunity for an affordable and attractive retirement lifestyle. There are many reasons to consider taking up the land lease living option at Ocean Club Resort including lifestyle, affordability, choice and connection to the community.


You are supported by a safe, friendly land lease community and the security of owning your own home in an attractive location where you make friends, pursue many interests and join in social activities. All this while you are enjoying a retirement where your financial burden is lessened because you don’t have to buy the land – you rent the site your home is on.


Land lease communities in NSW give you the opportunity to live in a modern house in a highly desirable location at a fraction the cost of traditional housing options; you have an opportunity to downsize and release funds tied up in the family home to fund the retirement lifestyle you desire.


Many people are now choosing land lease lifestyle resort communities because they are so affordable and offer homeowners so many options for an enjoyable quality of life; Living at Ocean Club Resort in NSW allows you to find a home in one of the state’s most sought after areas, on the coast.

There are also so many choices in housing. Modern manufactured houses are luxurious – they offer great value and are transforming the housing market with their emphasis on design quality, sustainability, comfort and functionality.

Connection to community

The Ocean Club Resort Land lease community offers a sense of connection, a source of friendship, social interaction and shared enjoyment of amenities such as landscaped gardens, swimming pools, sporting facilities, clubhouses, libraries and walking trails. It also offers the freedoms associated with living in a safe and secure environment – this is a community in the true sense of the word, where you know your neighbours, have things in common and you never have to be alone.