2018 Homeowner Survey

Posted on 20 September 2019

2018 Homeowner Survey

The results from our 3rd annual survey have just been compiled, (thanks to Merryl in the office). As usual there are a number of insightful findings covering topics such as maintenance, communication, the website and what it’s like living here.

When it comes to homeowners rating their experience at Ocean Club, the collective response is a slight improvement on 2018 with the average score being 8.2 out of 10. The best aspect of living at Ocean Club is again the homes closely followed by ‘our new friends’, neatly summarised in the quote “Our home and the facilities are great but it’s our friends that make it special.” It’s also not surprising that homeowners just love living near the beach.

The maintenance crew get a big thumbs up for keeping the lawns and landscaping in top shape, which is good to see.

Management will be taking a close look at the detail of the responses to how things can be improved further.

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