Anzac Day 2021

Posted on 27 April 2021

Anzac Day 2021

The Anzac Day service at Ocean Club Resort was an exceptionally special one this year, given last year we were only able to reflect individually on our driveways at dawn.

Our homeowners had the option of attending the organised mid-morning service at the Club House or take part in a driveway dawn service.

We feel very honoured in having former servicemen at the resort who led the touching service on our national day of remembrance with readings and prayers.

Our choir tugged at our heart strings singing old Australian war songs such as Its a Long Way to Tipperary as well as Amazing Grace.

Our "Wrap with Love" knitting group made 3 flags to hang up for the service - the Australian, New Zealand and Aboriginal flags.

The social committe did their bit as well, and provided morning tea with Anzac biscuits and other home cooked treats and rum and milk.  Rum and milk was the beverage provided to soldiers at first light in preparation for battle to "give 'em a touch of courage."

To make this year even more outstanding, a new memorial plaque has been established in one of our gardens near the bowling green, and on completion of the service the weaths were placed at the site.

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