Community Comes Together

Posted on 13 December 2019

Community Comes Together

During October, we saw bush fires in Lake Innes and Lake Cathie, just south of Port Macquarie, scorching a few thousand hectares. Homeowners close to some of the fires were evacuated to safety whilst the fires were controlled. Homeowners joined maintenance staff to hose down houses as a precaution against any falling embers. Karen Twigg said there was good cooperation from homeowners with a lot of residents stepping up and helping their neighbours.

Homeowner Val Parsons said it was a frightening night. “When you see the flames coming over those tall trees, that frightens you,” she said.

“The roar – that’s what got me. The firies worked their hearts out and the people in the planes are worth their weight in gold,” Mrs Parsons said.

Thanks to local fire services and the aerial fire bombers, the fires were kept under control. Local residents in Port Macquarie and Lake Cathie came together to be of assistance to those in need of somewhere to stay.

Port Macquarie may be growing but when it comes to helping each other out, we still have that country town mindset. Now, let’s pray for rain!

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