Drive safely

Posted on 11 June 2020

Drive safely

As we get older, our ability to drive safely starts to diminish. It’s important to take note of where you are up to with your health and to take steps to keep you and others safe when driving. This doesn’t necessarily mean having to give up your independence.

There are steps you can take to help improve your performance and this includes obtaining regular health check-ups including eye tests and hearing checks, knowing your limitations on the roads, for example, if you struggle to drive at night – try not to drive then. Make sure you leave plenty of space between you and the car in front and keep distractions in your car to a minimum, which includes not having the radio or loud music in your car.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep, read medication labels carefully so that you are not drowsy or light-headed.
If your passengers are nervous or want to discuss your driving, then make sure you listen and if you want a professional opinion then you can see a certified driver rehabilitation specialist. They may be able to help provide you with tools or modifications to your car that help keep you on the road longer.

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