Exploring Port Macquarie by Foot

Posted on 28 February 2020

Exploring Port Macquarie by Foot

There are so many beautiful spots around Port Macquarie, not just a range of great touristy places but some amazing coastal walks and incredibly stunning views to be enjoyed at no cost except getting there.

One such walk includes what is commonly and fondly known amongst the locals as the Doctors Walk.

You can start the coastal walk that winds around from the Town Green foreshore, along the coast via Town Beach, Rocky Beach lookout, Nobby’s Beach and Harry’s lookout overlooking Shelly Beach and on to Sea Acres. The walk ends at Tacking Point Lighthouse – allow an hour or so each way depending on how fit you are and how fast you go. You can join the walk at various points if it’s too far or you are restricted on time.

If you feel like having a bite on the way there are stops in between at some of the beaches with bbqs and picnic areas and even some cafes depending on the time of day you go. If you go all the way to Tacking Point Lighthouse and have transport from there, why not head to the Tacking Point Tavern for a cool beer or something to eat there.

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