The Concert - Charlee's Angels Ukulele Group and the Band

Posted on 13 December 2019

The Concert - Charlee's Angels Ukulele Group and the Band

A review by Joe the journo (originally featured in ‘The OCR Grapevine’)

Hi, Joe the journo here. It’s nearly 2am on Sunday morning and I’m sitting here behind my computer with a cup of coffee trying to find the words to describe what I just experienced at the ‘Another Saturday Night Concert’ held at the Ocean Club Resort tonight. Tell you what, as a journo I’ve covered
a lot of gigs in my time, of which the majority have been rave parties or concerts for young adults, but I’m here to tell you if they really wanted to know how to party, then they need to speak to their grandparents at the Ocean Club Resort.

The room was decorated very nicely with streamers, balloons and old album covers (remember them) hanging down the walls depicting this was a back to the great days of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. What’s the saying?
“If you remember the sixties you weren’t there.”

The cover band for the evening was a Ukulele Group who performed under the name of Charlee’s Angels and I’m here to tell you that if you ever get the
opportunity to see them in concert, don’t miss it; they were extremely good and that’s from someone who always shied away from ukulele groups. Their timing, harmonies and choice of songs made their 45-minute performance most enjoyable.

Oh boy, did this crowd party; they were on the dance floor from the first song and didn’t sit down until the last. By the way the Grandmas and Grandpas
of Ocean Club Resort have a kind of theme song called Living Next Door to Alice, a version I haven’t heard before and they insisted on singing it twice.

From a shocked, Joe the Journo.

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